Introducing our exciting range of products for 2020

From our popular Seed Packets to our impactful Growing Kits and our innovative Seed Paper we have a diverse range of eco-friendly promotional products to suit all types of organisations.

Engage customers, enthuse prospects and build brand awareness with our unique promotional seed packets.

seed packets and seed sticks

Seed Packets

Personalised Seed Packets have a high perceived value but are an inexpensive promotional giveaway.


Eco-friendly Seedsticks® are a very popular and innovative promotional item.

Seed Paper

Our Seed Paper is a special eco paper made from recycled waste paper.

Solo Kit

The Solo Kit has been designed as an impactful yet affordable promotional growing kit.

Greenhouse Kit

The Greenhouse Kit is a six pot, interior growing kit,  which includes a four colour insert printed to your artwork.

Seed Bombs

Create an exciting and impactful eco-friendly promotional campaign by giving away packets of Seed Bombs.

Pot in a Box

Our Pot in a Box is a single growing pot, which is packed in a custom printed box.

Sprout Pencil

The Sprout Pencil is the original plantable pencil, patented and guaranteed to be of the highest quality

Pot in a Sleeve

The Pot in a Sleeve contains a seed packet, peat free coir pellet and recyclable plastic terracotta pot.