sunflower seedsOur uniquely packaged seed gifts are thoughtful, environmentally conscious presents to give to employees, existing clients, event attendees or new customers.

Each type is fully customisable, so you can add your own logo, artwork and messages to your seed gift.

They can be added to high-end hampers or goodie bag giveaways – or just given to recipients as they are.

We have a wide range of fruit, vegetable, flower or herb seeds to choose from.

Please note, the minimum order for our seed gifts is 250.

Why give a seed gift – and when?

We have supplied seed gifts for many clients over the years and the most popular reason for giving them is as a thank you.

Here are a just a few examples we know our existing clients have used them for:

  • For staff. As a thoughtful reward for employees for their loyalty and hard work
  • For a supplier or client. Why not give them to an existing supplier or client as a reminder of how much you value their business.
  • For attendees at an event. Whether you’re the lead sponsor or host, seed gifts are a great way to say thanks for taking the time to come along.
  • New customers. Why not provide new customers with a thoughtful, eco-friendly welcome gift?

Chilli in a Box

Our Chilli in a Box is probably the most popular type of our products used for seed gifts.

It’s a perfectly packaged growing kit that includes a terracotta pot, peat-free coir pellets and a Jalapeño Chilli seed sachet.

The box is fully customisable, so you can add your own artwork and messages – it can also be supplied with a custom branded postal box, so you can easily address it to someone and pop it in the mail as it is.

And it is also available with sunflower or herb seeds too.

Find out more about our Chilli in a Box.

Chilli in a Box seed gift for web
Pot in a sleeve seed gift

Pot in a Sleeve

Our Pot in a Sleeve comprises a recycled/recyclable plastic terracotta pot, seed sachet and peat-free coir pellet.

Whether you choose flowers or herbs, the recipient gets to plant the seeds, nurture them and watch them grow.

Wrapped in the artwork of your choice, there is plenty of space to add a thoughtful message, too.

Find out why our Pot in a Sleeve makes for such a great seed gift option.

NHS Sunflower seed packet gift

Seed Packets

A thoughtful gift, all our types of Seed Packets are fully customisable, so you can add any artwork and message you want. Minimum order quantity is 500.

Seedball Tin Chester Zoo


Available in a Matchbox or Tin, our Seedballs make for a quirky and fun seed gift that’ll live long in the memory.

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